The Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge – Great Blogging Activities for Kids

This semester Edublogs is once again hosting a student blogging challenge. The Student Blogging Challenge offers a series of blogging tasks designed to help students (and teachers) improve their blogging skills. Completing the tasks of the challenge will help students not only learn how to write better blog posts, but also how to be better online communicators in general. The topics range from cyber safety to cultures of the world to sharing information about your town. The Student Blogging Challenge is open to all classroom blogs and individual student blogs. You do not have to use an Edublogs-hosted blog in order to participate. Participation is free for all.

Applications for Education
Communicating effectively through online mediums such as blogs, is a very important skill that today’s students should learn. The Student Blogging Challenge will help you help your students develop that skill. If you already have your students blogging, you can work most, if not all, of the challenges into their current blogging habits.


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