Quiz Socket – A Simple Feedback Tool for Teachers and Students

Quiz Socket is a new tool developed for the purpose of enabling teachers to quickly gather feedback from students. Quiz Socket enables students to respond to questions through their cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

Here’s how Quiz Socket works. Teachers visit the Quiz Socket website and click “create quiz.” A quiz code is assigned to the teacher. The teacher then gives that quiz code to students to enter on QuizSocket.com. Teachers then deliver multiple choice questions to students either verbally or by posting them on a whiteboard. The teacher controls the pace of the quiz by simply clicking “next question” to move the quiz along.

Applications for Education
Quiz Socket doesn’t have the advanced options of similar services like Socrative and Infuse Learning, but it doesn’t require you to register and you can get a quiz running on the spur of the moment. Quiz Socket could be handy for running a quick prior knowledge assessment or a quick exit ticket activity.


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