Money 101 – A Crash Course in Personal Finance

Money 101 is a free resource from Practical Money Skills for Life. Money 101 is available as a PPT file with an accompanying workbook (PDF download). The presentation and workbook is designed for young people who are just beginning to take responsibility for paying bills and managing their finances. In Money 101 students learn about things like how to manage a checkbook and how to wisely use credit.

Applications for Education
Money 101 is available on the Practical Money Skills for Life free materials page. While the presentation and workbook are good on their own and may be fine as stand-alone resources, I would encourage using them as part of a larger lesson on personal finance.

It is probably worth pointing out to your students that Practical Money Skills for Life is funded by Visa so their may be some sections and materials that skew in favor of using credit extended by Visa.


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