Art Babble – Videos and Lessons In Art History

Art Babble is an excellent resource for art history students and teachers. I initially reviewed the site almost four years ago. Since then it has expanded and had an interface makeover that makes it better than ever.

Art Babble is a video website designed and maintained by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The purpose of Art Babble is to provide a place for people to learn about the creation of art, artists, and collections through quality video productions. Visitors to Art Babble will find videos related to many forms of and formats for art. Browse the video channels and you’ll find videos covering a wide array of topics including abstract art, European Art and Design, African Art, graphic design, glass, sculpture, surrealism, and much more.

Applications for Education
Art Babble has a section devoted to videos to help kids understand the significance of a select of famous paintings. Art Babble also has a section devoted to lessons that teachers can use in their classrooms and or on field trips to art galleries.


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