Three Good Options for Creating Digital Portfolios

This morning I received an email from someone looking for suggestions for digital portfolio creation tools. The type of materials required for a digital portfolio varies quite a bit from school to school and sometimes it varies from teacher to teacher. Therefore, I look for flexibility in a digital portfolio platform. Here are three services that I recommend.

Silk is a free
service for creating webpages organized around a theme or topic. Silk is
intended to be a place where you can share collections of materials as
well as write text directly into your webpages. Your Silk dashboard
provides a place to organize your materials into collections and
subcollections. Your collections can include documents, videos, images,
charts and graphs, and links to other sites. Take a look at a sample Silk site here. You can create multiple sites within your free Silk
account. Your Silk sites can be public or  private. Creating
collections on your Silk site can become a collaborative activity by
inviting others to be editors or administrators on a site.

Dropr is a free service
for creating portfolios of your images, videos, and audio files. Within
your Dropr account you can have multiple portfolio pages. If you wanted
to have a page for images that you took in the fall and a page for
images that you took in the spring, you can do that in Dropr. To create a Dropr
portfolio start by signing up with a social media profile or with your
email address. Then start your first project by uploading a cover image.
Once you have started a project you can drag and drop media from your
desktop to the Dropr website. Each project can include text in addition
to the media that you upload to it. Each of your projects will have a
different URL. You can work on your projects in private until you are
ready to share them with the world. Your Dropr projects can be embedded
into a blog as a slideshow.  

While it’s not specifically designed for creating digital portfolios, Weebly could be a great digital portfolio platform for your students. Weebly makes it easy to create websites that look great and are easy to navigate. Weebly users can select from a superb collection of site templates and themes. The Weebly mobile apps allow users to edit and add content on the go. Weebly for Education Weebly for Education includes
all of the intuitive website-building and blogging tools found on
Weebly plus features built specifically for education. Weebly for
Education offers bulk creation of student accounts which teachers can
manage and moderate. Students can create their own websites and blogs
using the accounts that you create for them.


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