The Whiz Times – News Stories & Quizzes for Kids

The Whiz Times is a news site designed for kids. The site features a wide array of news stories covering everything from serious stories about things like Edward Snowden seeking asylum in Russia to lighter stories about things like panda bears and kittens. Students and teachers can browse through The Whiz Times by selecting a news category and or an age level.

In addition to the articles, The Whiz Times has a fairly sizable collection of educational videos (most hosted on YouTube). I’ve embedded one of the videos from the Money Smart Whiz Kids video section.

Applications for Education
The Whiz Times offers a news quizzes to go along with many of the articles on the site. Students do have to be registered to use the quizzes and registration requires confirmation of email addresses.

Even if you don’t have students register on The Whiz Times, the site could still be a nice with elementary school students to talk about the news. I could see The Whiz Times being used once a week, on Fridays perhaps, to have students explore the news of the week. 


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