eGlossary – A Math Glossary for Middle & High School Students

Back when I was struggling through my high school mathematics courses, I
always needed a glossary of mathematics terms. I used to tell my
teachers that I needed a “mathematics to English” translation. Today,
there are quite a few good “mathematics to English” glossaries online
for students like me. One such resource is McGraw Hill’s eGlossary.

The McGraw Hill Mathematics eGlossary
provides written and verbal definitions and explanations of mathematics
terms. The glossary is divided by grade level. Select your grade level
then the first letter of the term for which you need an explanation. The
explanation is offered in text form as well as verbal (click the
speaker icon to listen). The eGlossary is also available in other languages including Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

Applications for Education
McGraw Hill’s Mathematics eGlossary
could be an excellent resource for students who need additional or
alternate explanations of mathematics terms. For mathematics teachers,
eGlossary could be worth linking to your classroom website or blog.
eGlossary could be particularly valuable if you have mathematics
students whose first language is not English.


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