Organize Your Thoughts and Tasks With Thought Boxes

Thought Boxes is a task management service with a hint of mind mapping in its user interface. At its most basic Thought Boxes
is a place to create to-do lists. You can organize your to-do lists
into groups that Thought Boxes refers to as “trains” as in “trains of thought.” Your lists can
include basic text notes as well as links to other sites. The trains that
you create in Thought Boxes are basically categories for your to-do
lists. For example, in the screenshot below you will see that I created a
train for tasks related to my teaching responsibilities.

You can rearrange the boxes in each of your trains in your Thought Boxes account by just dragging and dropping them into place. The free version of Thought Boxes does not allow you to share your trains with others.

Applications for Education
Thought Boxes could be useful for
managing to-do lists associated with academic projects. Students could
also use Thought Boxes to organize all parts of their academic lives.
They could create a “train” of to-do lists for their classes, a “train”
for extracurricular clubs, and a “train” for responsibilities at home.

Thought Boxes doesn’t have to be used for to-do lists. Students could
use Thought Boxes to create an outline for essays they’re writing or a
video they’re producing. Being able to drag and drop boxes into a
sequence makes it easier for students to quickly rearrange their
thoughts to fit the needs of their outlines. 


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