Best of 2013 So Far… Six Free Alternatives to PowerPoint and Keynote

We’re half-way through 2013. Like I’ve done in years past, this week I’ll be featuring some of the best new tech tools of 2013 as well as some of the most popular posts of the year.

Twice in the last week I’ve been asked for a list of free alternatives
to either PowerPoint or Keynote. I’ve written a couple of these lists
over the last five years, but some of the alternatives I’ve shared in
the past have either gone out of business or started charging a fee.
Here’s my updated list of free alternatives to PowerPoint and Keynote.

Empressr is a fully functional, high quality, online slide show presentation creation and sharing service. Empressr has
a couple of features differentiating it from its competitors. The first
feature of note is the option of embedding video from multiple sources
into your slide show. The second feature of note is Empressr’s editor which allows users to draw, create, or edit images inside their slides. Empressr slideshows can be embedded anywhere.

Slide Rocket is a web based presentation creator similar to Empressr.
Slide Rocket has some very nice features like 3D transitions and a
collaboration feature for sharing the creation process with other
users. Slide Rocket’s interface is user friendly making it easy to include videos, pictures, or third party plug-ins. Slide Rocket also has a Google Drive app.

Prezi is a popular
online tool for creating slideshows that don’t have to appear in the
linear format typically used in slideshows. This week Prezi introduced the option to include sound in your presentations. Check out the Prezi embedded below to learn about the new audio option.

Until Google Slides came along the slideshow tool in Open Office was the
slideshow creation tool that I used instead of PowerPoint. Open Office’s Impress’s development is still supported and available to download for free.

Google Slides is
the slideshow creation tool that I use to create roughly half of all of
my slideshows (the other half I make in Keynote). I like using Google
Slides for collaborating with colleagues and for commenting on students’
slideshows. The publishing tool in Google Slides makes it very easy to
embed your slideshows into your blog or website.

If your students have iPads, you have to try Haiku Deck.
Haiku Deck is a fantastic free alternative to Keynote. The key feature
of Haiku Deck that stands out is the integrated image search tool. When
students type a word into Haiku Deck a set of Creative Commons licensed
images will be shown to the students to use in their presentations.


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