Search Tips & Strategies Tip Sheet

On Friday I shared my strategy of using images as question prompts to teach Google search strategies. In that post I mentioned that the strategy is based in part on what Daniel Russell does in his Search ReSearch challenges. This afternoon Dr. Russell shared a great list of tips and strategies that will help you be a better user of Google search. The search tips and strategies are used in eight key lessons outlined on the same page. Those eight key lessons are:

1. Know what’s possible to ask.
2. Use more than 1 resource.
3. Understand their language.
4. Understand terms / concepts / genre.
5. Know the capabilities of their tools (operators).
6. Know the structure of their information space.
7. Search for tools when you need one.
8. Know how to use different media types.

See Daniel Russell’s Search ReSearch blog for the complete list of tips, strategies, and the complete presentation that goes with the list.

H/T to Fred Delventhal on Google+.


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