Explore Historical Imagery of San Francisco and New York

For the next couple of days I will be working with teachers at Carondelet High School in Concord, California. We’ll be making movies on our iPads tomorrow. This is my first time in the San Francisco area since I was a teenager. In addition to working with the teachers I’m hoping to see some of San Francisco before my flight home. Time Shutter is a website and iOS app that features geo-located historical imagery of San Francisco and New York City. Click on one of the placemarks on the maps to open an image. Then click on the image to read an article about the picture and location.

Applications for Education
At first Time Shutter reminded me of History Pin. The difference between Time Shutter and History Pin is that Time Shutter’s imagery is not user-generated and it goes a bit deeper into explanations than you find on History Pin. The drawback to Time Shutter is that imagery is only available for San Francisco and New York. If your students are studying either of these cities in their history lessons, Time Shutter could be a good site to add to your list of resources.


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