Ecology Project International Helps Students Learn About Conservation

This post is not about technology. It’s about a nonprofit program that I think deserves a little attention.

Last week I mentioned that I had the opportunity to observe some students in Costa Rica learning about sea turtle conservation. The students there were local students sponsored by Ecology Project International. Ecology Project International works to educate students about conservation issues near them. For example, in Costa Rica EPI is working to get students involved in sea turtle conservation. In talking with EPI’s development director, Erin Nuzzo, I learned that 40% of the students in the program had eaten illegally harvested sea turtle eggs. EPI believes if they can educate students about the importance of conservation by getting them involved in the project then they are more apt to support conservation as adults.

Outside of Costa Rica EPI has programs in Yellowstone National Park, the Galapagos Islands, and Baja, Mexico. 


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