DOGO News – Create and Share Lessons About the News

Last month I shared five good places for kids to learn about the news. This evening I learned about another good place for students to learn about the news. DOGOnews is a student news site that was featured on the Wikispaces blog.  DOGOnews covers current events stories in the areas of science, sports, entertainment, and variety of topics that fall under the banner of social studies.

Applications for Education
There are some aspects of DOGOnews that teachers should find handy. First, when you select an article on DOGOnews you will see a link to Common Core standards that can be connected to the article. Second, all articles are accompanied by an embed code that you can use to put the story into a blog post for your students to read. Third, you can create an DOGOnews classroom account. In your classroom account you can post articles with notes and questions attached to them. When your students log into the classroom account they will see the articles you’ve posted along with the notes and questions you’ve added to the articles.


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