Ten Tools for Cropping, Resizing, and Enhancing Images Online

This afternoon as I worked through a backlog of email I replied to a couple of questions about resizing images to make them fit under the size limitation for images in the new Socrative image-based question feature. I have tried a lot of image resizing, cropping, and enhancing tools over the years. Here are ten good ones to try.

Pixlr is a great set of
image creation and editing tools. Pixlr
offers web-based image editing tools as well as image editing tools to
use on Android phones and on iPhones. Pixlr also has Firefox and Chrome browser extensions for creating screen captures.Pixlr Editor is
Pixlr’s most full-featured image creation and editing tool. You can
create drawings from scratch using the pencil and coloring tools that
they provide. Pixlr Editor also has options for uploading images or
importing images from other places on the web. The selection of creation
and editing tools is huge. There are options for making multiple layer
images, dozens of filter settings, and of course tools for cropping and
resizing images. Your images can be saved to your computer or you can
send them to Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, or you can save them in a Pixlr

PicMonkey is one of my favorite online image editing tools. To get started using PicMonkey
you can upload an image by simply dragging it from your desktop to the
PicMonkey editor. From there you can change things like saturation,
contrast, size, and sharpness. You can then add custom frames and
special effects like “Polaroid style” to your images. Want to add text
to your images? PicMonkey provides a slew of font styles for your use.
And if you have just one tiny part of an image that you want to enhance
or obscure, PicMonkey gives you tools for that too.

GooEdit is
a free image editing tool that operates as a Google Chrome extension.
GooEdit allows you to edit images without having to leave your browser.
You can add outlines, flip images, resize images, and do other basic
image editing tasks in GooEdit. If you need a simple image editing tool
for your students, give GooEdit a try.

Quick Picture Tools
is a free service that offers twelve tools for editing and enhancing
your pictures. Some of the things that you can do with Quick Picture
Tools include cropping images, combining images, adding text to images,
and creating calendar wall paper for your computer. Each of the tools
provides the option to resize images and adjust the overall quality of
your original image before you use it for a collage, calendar, or mini

Picfull is a free online photo
editing service. To use the service just upload a picture and select an
effect to add to it.  Picfull offers eighteen basic sets of effects.
After you select an effect you can customize it to your liking. When
you’re finished altering your photo you can download or share it via
Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Picozu is a free online image editing tool. Using Picozu
you can touch-up existing images or you can create new images from
scratch. In the Picozu editor you will find tools for adjusting color
saturation and clarity. The editor also includes tools for creating
images containing multiple layers. And if you want to include text in
your image Picozu has options for that too. Picozu
offers the option to register and join their community or you can use
the editing tools without creating an account. If you do choose to
create an account you can save your images on Picozu and add them to the
community albums. If choose not to create a Picozu you can save your
images to your computer, send them to your Facebook account, or send
them to your Dropbox account.

Cropp.me is a beautifully simple web tool
for quickly cropping your images. Cropp.me is a little different than a
lot of the other services in this market. What makes Cropp.me different
is its smart auto-crop option. If you choose this option, Cropp.me will
auto-detect the focal point of your images and crop accordingly. Cropp.me allows you to upload and crop up
to five images at the same time. You can crop your images to one of
nine predefined sizes or you can specify a custom size.

Fotor is a free
image editing tool available in your web browser, as a desktop
application for Mac and Windows, as iPad app, as an Android app, and as a
Windows 8 application. Fotor can be used without creating an account.
With Fotor you can crop images, apply filters, add picture frames,
insert clip art, and add text to your images. You can also create image
collages on Fotor. All of your work can be saved on your computer or
mobile device.

Phrase.it is a simple service that
anyone can use to add speech bubbles and some basic Instagram-like
effects to your pictures. To use the service just upload a picture and
choose a speech bubble. Drag your speech bubble into place then type
your text. You can change the font style in your speech bubbles. Click
the “add more drama” button to add one of four image shading effects.

Imageoid is a free, simple service for adding a variety of effects to your images. To use Imageoid
you just upload an image from your computer then choose the effect(s)
you want to apply to it. You can combine effects if you like. If you
don’t like the way your image looks with a chosen effect, just click
“reset” to start again. Imageoid can also be used to resize your image.
Imageoid offers twenty-two effects that you can apply to your image.


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