Memofon – Create Mind Maps from Outlines

Memofon is a new mind mapping tool that makes it possible to create mind maps from typed outlines. Memofon uses the same concept as Text 2 Mind Map which I really like. To create a mind map with Memofon you just have to type an outline. It takes some time to figure out the outline formatting tricks. Once you have the formatting down Memofon has more features than Text 2 Mind Map. Memofon can be used to create to-do lists within your mind map. For example, if I have created a mind map of a project that I am working on I can include to-do tasks in each branch of the mind map.

Applications for Education
What I like about Memofon is that students who prefer outlines to webs can use Memofon just as well as students who prefer webs to outlines. Because the formatting tricks take a while to figure out (hopefully, Memofon adds better help documentation soon) I would only use Memofon with high school and college students. 


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