22 Frames – News Videos for ESL Students

Last week I published 5 Good Places for Students To Learn About the News. In response to that post I received a few emails from people looking for news sources that are accessible to ELL/ ESL students. The resource that I recommended in my replies to those emails is 22 Frames.

22 Frames is a service that
provides a central location for locating captioned videos for learning
English and for Internet users who have hearing impairments. 22 Frames provides more than just captioned videos. Along with the videos 22 Frames provides a list of idioms, slang words, and commonly mispronounced words in each video. Viewers can click on any of
the words in the lists provided by 22 Frames to find a definition for each word and to find pronunciation tips.

Applications for Education
22 Frames could be a great resource for ESL/ EFL teachers and students. The videos found on 22 Frames range from current news stories to videos from popular culture. Using a current news video on 22 Frames could be a good way to combine an English lesson with a social studies lesson. 


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