SendHub – Easy Management of Group Text Messaging Now on Android

SendHub is a group text messaging system that I first reviewed about this time last year. SendHub is a service that allows you to send text messages to groups of
up to fifty people at once for free. SendHub is an opt-in service. You
give parents and students a code to text to opt-in to be a part of one
of your groups. You can manage up to three groups in a free account.
When you’re ready to send a text message you can send it to one or all
of groups at once from your cellphone, from your tablet, or from your

Today, SendHub released an Android app that you can use to manage your SendHub messages and groups.

Applications for Education
Students and sometimes their parents can’t help but look at their phones
when they hear the alert that they have a new text message. Capitalize
on this compulsive behavior by using SendHub
to send reminders to students about homework and other important
information for your class. You can also use it to send out
encouragement and praise for a job well done.


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