gClassFolders Version 2 Improves Google Drive File Management

Last fall I introduced many of you to gClassFolders. gClassFolders is a Google Drive script that will create folders for you for as many course sections as you need. The
concept behind it is this; students have a “dropbox” folder in their
Google Drive accounts that you have shared with them. To submit work
students drag files into that “dropbox” folder. From there gClassFolders
sorts submissions to the correct folder for each student.

The latest version of gClassFolders is part of gClassHub which includes other useful scripts like Doctopus. This means that after your students have submitted their work through Google Drive you can grade it, write feedback, and have emails sent to students from one spreadsheet in your Google Drive account.

Some other highlights of the latest version of gClassFolders include the option to add students to add students without having to re-create all of your folders and an option for moving students from one class to another without having to re-create folders.

Applications for Education
It does take a few tries to really understand using gClassFolders and Doctopus. Once you get the hang of it though it can save you a ton of time in the management of the files that students share with you. Visit the instructions page on gClassFolders for detailed directions on running gClassFolders.


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