Class Charts – A Nice Tool for Tracking Student Attendance and Behavior

Class Charts is a free service that is best described as one part seating chart and one part behavior chart. In Class Charts you can create and arrange as many seating charts as you like. You can create charts in a “seating” format that shows seat placement or you can use a list view. You can use students’ real pictures in your charts or you can use one of the avatar images in your charts.

Class Charts seating charts double as behavior tracking charts. To document a student’s attendance and behavior just select his name from the chart and tap the appropriate icon for attendance or behavior. You can record positive and negative behaviors. Students and parents can see their reports by accessing Class Charts through an invitation code that you send to them. 

Applications for Education
Class Charts is a service that could be very helpful to teachers who are looking for an easy way to document their students’ behavior.

Class Charts was started by a teacher and I always try to support entrepreneurial teachers by trying out their services.


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