Narrable Adds an iPhone App for Creating Audio Slideshows

Last month I shared a new service called Narrable that lets you create short, narrated slideshows in your web browser. One of the key features of Narrable is that you can add narration through your computer’s microphone, through a phone call, or by uploading a separate audio file.

A few days ago Narrable launched a free iPhone app that you can use create audio slideshows. The free app allows you to record up to five minutes of narration for each of your projects.

Applications for Education
I initially learned about Narrable through Wes Fryer. Wes recently recorded a podcast with the one of the founders of Narrable to talk about how the service might be used for digital storytelling. The first part of the podcast is about the founding of Narrable after that it gets into a discussion of education. I recommend listening to the podcast here.

Narrable projects can be shared via email, Facebook, or by embedding them into a blog. Narrable could be a
good way to get students to tell a short story by adding narration to
pictures that they have taken or found online. Have students search for
some Creative Commons licensed images arranged around topics that
they’re studying then record a short slideshow about them. 


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