How to Incorporate Video Into Your Haiku Decks

Earlier this week I shared 76 examples of Haiku Deck being used in school and then I shared Ken Shelton’s great presentation on the importance of visuals in storytelling. Yesterday, Ken told me about Haiku Deck’s directions for incorporating video into your presentations. This is a topic that a few people have asked me about this week so I think it’s worth noting that Haiku Deck has published directions for incorporating videos.

While you cannot import videos directly into your presentations yet, Haiku Deck does suggest two ways that you can use video with your Haiku Deck presentations. The first method is to design your Haiku Deck presentation with a place holder for a video then export the presentation to Keynote or PPT and import your video into that file. In this regard you’re using Haiku Deck as a design tool for a your presentations.

The second method for incorporating video into Haiku Deck presentations is take a screenshot of your video then add it to your Haiku Deck presentation. Once the screenshot is imported you can link to the video. Tapping the hyperlinked screenshot will launch the video outside of Haiku Deck.

You can read the step-by-step directions for both methods on the Haiku Deck blog.


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