An Interactive Timeline of the U.S. Supreme Court

This service is no longer available.

This evening I found myself browsing through the lesson ideas on C-SPAN Classroom when I discovered an interactive timeline of important cases and other significant events in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court. The timeline was built on the Dipity platform which allows you to include video clips and images with each event on your timeline. The C-SPAN Supreme Court timeline includes videos of scholars talking about the significance of some of the cases included in the timeline. I’ve embedded the timeline below.

Applications for Education
C-SPAN Classroom has a detailed lesson plan that utilizes the C-SPAN Supreme Court timeline. The lesson plan is designed to help students learn how the rulings in landmark cases have impacted civil rights and liberties, Federalism, and the Presidency over the course the history of the United States. You may have to be a member of C-SPAN Classroom to view the lesson plan (membership is free), but the timeline can be viewed by anyone.


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