A Short Guide to Green Screen Special Effects in iMovie

My friend Rushton Hurley’s Next Vista for Learning educational video hosting service recently hosted a video creation contest for teachers and students. The finalists were announced last week and the winners will be selected next week at the FETC conference in Florida. One of the finalist videos that I think a lot of teachers can learn from is Green Screen Special Effects in iMovie. It’s a two minute overview of how to set-up and use green screen effects. Watch the video here. You can see the full list of finalists here.

Applications for Education
One of the things that I love about Next Vista for Learning is that all of the videos on the site are intended to teach some kind of lesson. Another important aspect of Next Vista for Learning is that all submissions are reviewed before going live on the site. And finally, the videos don’t have any pre-roll or post-roll ads like you see on YouTube videos. 


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