Two Easy Ways to Send Digital Greeting Cards

I started receiving holiday greeting cards in the mail this week. I’m sure that many of you have started to get them too. I remember when I was in Mrs. Turkington’s third grade class we created and sent greeting cards to family members. Fast forward 25 years and creating and sending greeting cards is still a common elementary school project. (Mrs. Turkington doesn’t do it anymore because she’s retired in Florida and keeping up with me on Facebook). Today, students can create and send digital greeting cards to family and friends. Here are two ways that students can create and send digital greeting cards.

Animoto has video themes for every season. Their holiday themes include “wonderland of snow,” “eight days of lights,” “pop-up pandemonium,” “gifting gifts,” “spirit of December,” and “wrapping scraps.” To send a video greeting card through Animoto just select one of the themes, upload images or choose images from the Animoto gallery, select a soundtrack, title your project, and then let Animoto mix it into a beautiful video greeting. You can share your video greeting through email, Facebook, or by embedding it into a blog.

Its A Message is a neat site for sending digital greetings that I found on Google Maps Mania. Its A Message uses Google Maps Street View as its basis for generating location-based greeting cards. To send a greeting through Its A Message start by specifying any location. Its A Message will then take you to that location in a Street View display that has been enhanced for the holidays. For example, the imagery of Portland, Maine has been drawn with lights and snowflakes. After settling on a location click “share your message” to customize what appears on the screen and to send the greeting to friends.


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