What It Is Really Like to Climb Mount Everest

Image Credit: Carsten.Nebel

As many long time readers of this blog know, I am fascinated by Mount Everest and the Himalayas in general. This afternoon I stumbled upon a couple of videos of fellow Mainer Ed Webster talking about his experiences on Mount Everest in the 1980’s. The videos were shot as part of a Maine NBC affiliate’s program that features remarkable Mainers. In the videos below you will learn a bit about what it takes to climb Mount Everest. I have intentionally embedded part two before part one because I think that the part two has more appeal to teachers and students.

Applications for Education
I have always been a fan of introducing students to life-long sports like hiking and skiing (I used to co-teach an outdoor adventure course) because they are healthy activities that students can do on their own long after they leave school. My hope is that videos like these spark a student’s curiosity about hiking, climbing, and outdoor adventure in general. 


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