Spell + Friends Helps Students Learn to Spell

Spell + Friends is a free iPad app that provides students with word lists to practice in a virtual spelling bee manner. There are three modes in Spell + Friends. Learn mode is for creating word lists to study. Practice mode reads words to students that they then have to spell correctly in the app. Compete mode allows students to compete head-to-head against other users of the app. 

In the Learn mode students select new words to learn. There are more than 2,000 words in the word bank. The words are divided into three categories based on how frequently they are used.

In the Practice mode students practice spelling words that are read to them from their word lists. In addition to hearing the pronunciation of the words they can find the definition and origin of the word. Students can also read a sentence that uses the word they’re trying to spell.

In the Compete mode students can play against others who are nearby in a peer-to-peer environment. The Compete mode will search for other iPads and iPhones that have Spell + Friends running at the same time. Students can also compete against the world in the Spell + Friends game center.

Applications for Education
Spell + Friends provides students with a way to track their progress as they learn their new word lists. I like that students can find the origins and definitions of the words without having to use another app or open a dictionary.


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