Our Growing Cars – An Infographic

Despite constantly increasing gasoline prices the average size of our vehicles continues to grow (I’m not helping decrease that average by driving a full-size pickup truck). Cool Infographics recently shared an infographic that depicts how much vehicles have grown over the last forty plus years. Click here to view it on the source page or check it out below.

Applications for Education
When I saw this infographic my first thoughts went to students in the automotive programs in the technical school in my district. The infographic will be of interest to them because of the some of the vehicles in the pictures (who doesn’t like a Porsche?). But beyond that I can see this infographic being the jumping off point for a short lesson in the evolution of the technology in cars.

Outside of the technical school setting I can see this infographic being the catalyst for a conversation about the socio-economics of the United States. For example, I might ask my students to investigate the question, “why do our vehicles continue to grow in size while fuel costs continue to rise?” 


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