Important Lesson About New Google Presentations

Over the last ten days or so I’ve seen a huge increase in the number of requests that I get to share some of my presentations that I’ve published on Free Technology for Teachers through Google Presentations. I was wondering why this was happening as I’ve always made the presentations available when I’ve put them in blog posts. I finally did a little investigating today and realized that when Google force updated all of my presentations that were created in the “old” Google Docs they also unpublished all of those presentations. I went through and selected “publish to web” on the presentations that people have requested to access. I think I got them all, but please let me know if I missed one that you want to access.

The lesson about Google Presentations:
If you have previously published Google Presentations using the “old” Google Docs (before the transition to Google Drive) you might want to go through and make sure that they are still marked as “published to the web.” You can find the “publish to web” setting under the “file” drop-down menu.


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