Create Simple Narrated Photostories with Pixntell

Pixntell is an iPad app for quickly creating simple narrated photostories. To create a story using Pixntell all that you need to do is start a new project, select some images, place them in order, and then start talking about each of your pictures. You control the timing for each image. If you want to talk about your first picture for twenty seconds, your second picture for just three seconds, and your third picture for fifteen seconds, you can do that. When your project is complete you can upload it directly to YouTube, share it on Facebook, or send to friends via email.

Applications for Education
The free version of Pixntell limits you to five pictures per project. If you want to use more images in a project you will have to purchase the premium app for $0.99. I think that the five image version of Pixntell could be used effectively in a classroom much like thirty second Animoto videos can be used effectively in classrooms.

You could have students use Pixntell to create short image-based stories about themselves. Pixntell could be used by students to create short book reviews or book trailers. Have your students create drawings about their favorite books. Then they can use their iPads to take pictures of those drawings, upload them to Pixntell, and finally create a short video in which they talk about the best parts of the book.


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