Waterlife – An Interactive Story About Water

Earlier this week I shared a couple of animated stories about the water cycle. This morning I spent some time exploring Waterlife which was shared by Jen Deyenberg on Twitter yesterday. Waterlife is an interactive story about the water cycle in the Great Lakes. Waterlife is a twenty part story through which students can learn about the role of water in our lives. Through the story students learn about things like fishing, pollution, invasive species, wetlands, and the politics of water conservation.

When students select a part of the Waterlife story they will be able to hear narration, see visuals, and read the text of the story. Some parts of the story also contain links to external resources that student can explore.

Applications for Education
Waterlife is based on the Great Lakes, but it is applicable to just about any lesson on the water cycle. After exploring some of the water management issues of the Great Lakes have your students research the issues of water management in your area.


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