The EasyBib Chrome Extension Evaluates Source Credibility and Generates Citations

The bibliography generation service EasyBib recently released a new Chrome extension to go along with their Android app, iOS app, and Google Apps integration. The EasyBib Chrome extension serves two purposes. The first purpose is to evaluate webpages for credibility. The credibility ranking is based on criteria outlined in this guide. The extension simply says whether the site is credible, has credibility issues, or if the source has not been evaluated. 

The second purpose of the EasyBib Chrome extension is to provide a quick way to add citations to your bibliographies. Click the bookmarklet to create a properly formatted citation and add it to your EasyBib account.

Applications for Education
While the credibility ranking might be handy, I’d prefer to have students learn how do the credibility evaluations on their own rather than rely on a third party. That said, I do think the Chrome extension could be very helpful in creating properly formatted citations for web resources that students use in their research assignments.


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