Symbolab – A Scientific Equation Search Engine

Symbolab is a new search engine designed for mathematicians and scientists. The search engine is a semantic search engine which means that rather than just searching the text of your query Symabolab attempts to interpret and search for the meaning of your query. What this means is that when you type in an equation you will get results as links and get results as graphs when appropriate. Think of it Symbolab as a cross between Google and Wolfram Alpha.

The Next Web has an extensive interview with Symbolab’s founder that I recommend reading if you’re interested in learning about the ideas behind the development of this search engine.

Applications for Education
Symbolab could be a useful search engine for mathematics students. The search results can be sorted to find explanations of how to solve an equation, what an equation is used for, as well as videos and examples of an equation in use.

Math teachers, have you used Symbolab? How might you use it in your classroom?


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