Reward Students’ Achievements with ClassBadges

ClassBadges is a new service that aims to help teachers and students track their achievements big and small. Using ClassBadges teachers create goals for their students. When students reach their goals teachers assign a badge to them to keep in their student profiles. Teachers can create goals for things like completing a large research project, for perfect attendance, or for completing an informal learning activity with their parents while visiting a local museum.

ClassBadges has developed some partnerships with museums, libraries, and aquariums in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Atlanta. These partnerships will allow teachers to give students badges for completing learning activities at the museums and libraries in those cities.

Applications for Education
ClassBadges is being used by some teachers to help students track their progress toward the completion of large research projects.

Some teachers are using ClassBadges to document students’ mastery of key elements of course curriculum.


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