Bubble Ply – Add Stickers, Photos, & Links to Videos

Update: As of February 2013 Bubble Ply is a Facebook app. 

YouTube’s video editing tools have some nice options for adding spotlights and annotations, but the special effects options are pretty limited. Take those videos a step further with Bubble Ply.  Bubble Ply is a Windows program that allows you to add a large variety of special effects to your videos. Bubble Ply allows you to add speech bubbles, stickers, photos, blocks of text, and hyperlinks to your videos. Watch the video below for a short overview of all of Bubble Ply’s options.

Applications for Education
Bubble Ply could be a great little tool for enhancing raw video footage. A use for Bubble Ply in a social studies lesson could be to have students capture some rough video of important local landmarks then enhance their videos with some text and call-out bubbles.

Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for sharing Bubble Ply on Twitter last week. 


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