When Plagiarism is Funny and What To Do About It

The Rant
I’m sure that the person behind the blog TeachersTech.net (hyperlink intentionally left out) will blame the auto-posting software that he or she is using, but that blog is doing nothing but copy and pasting posts from other blogs. Usually plagiarism ticks me off, but the example that I found today was almost funny. Why was it funny? Because the person plagiarized my post from last week about how to connect with me on social networks. And even included the picture of me. So to whoever is behind TeachersTech.net, thank you for the laugh and please stop plagiarizing.

My original post.

The plagiarized post.
Update: after publishing this post I took my dog for a walk. When I came back the post had been taken down along with some of the other plagiarized posts. 

What will be truly funny is if this post is plagiarized too.

What To Do About Plagiarism
Now to make this post more than just a rant below I’ve included some advice about what to do when you see your work being plagiarized online.

What To Do When Your Work Is Plagiarized
How To Share The Blog Posts You Like


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