The Fotopedia National Parks App is Stunning!

Last week I installed the Fotopedia National Parks app on my iPad. The imagery in the app is simply stunning. Beyond the imagery the app offers photo-stories based on the imagery of the national parks in the app. And just like on the Fotopedia website each image is linked to a related Wikipedia entry.

Fotopedia offers ten other iPad apps including an app featuring UNESCO World Heritage sites. I installed the World Heritage sites app and found it to be every bit as good as the National Parks app.

Applications for Education
Browsing through the imagery in the Fotopedia apps could be a good way for students to learn a little bit about different parts of the world. You could focus students’ browsing by asking them to identify geological features and or significant landmarks.

You could also have students use the Fotopedia Wild Friends app to view, discover, and learn about animals from all over the world.


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