How We Can Connect

Thankfully, writing this blog has brought me opportunities to connect with wonderful people all over the world. If you would like to connect there are five places that I am now active outside of my blog.

Twitter: You can find me at where I post a mix of posts from here, interesting things I find online, and occasionally post some non-sequiturs about whatever strikes my fancy. I try my best to reply to @messages, but I don’t always see them.

Facebook: I have a Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page which is viewable by anyone. I generally don’t accept friend requests from anyone that I have not met in person and or worked with in some capacity. I use my personal Facebook account for keeping up with close friends and family.

Pinterest: This week I decided to start using Pinterest. So far I’ve started building this board and will create more in the future.

LinkedIn: I’ll accept just about any connection request, you can find my profile here. However, I’ll only be a reference for you if I have actually worked with you. I think that’s only fair to the referral aspect of LinkedIn.

Google+: This is where I’m least active, but if I do occasionally post things that aren’t from my blog on my Google+ page.


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!