A To-Do List Without Opening a New Window

There is no shortage of free and simple to-do list services available on the web. One problem with many of them is that you have to open a new window or a new application to use them. To Do List from the Chrome Web Store is an exception to that pattern. To Do List operates within whatever Chrome browser window you have open. Once you have To Do List installed (it takes just seconds to install) just click on its icon in your browser toolbar to open it and start adding or deleting items from your to-do list.

To Do List for Chrome makes it easy to add, delete, and rearrange items in your list. To add a new item just type it in. To delete and item just click on the trash bin next to the item’s name. To rearranges items just drag and drop them into order. In your browser toolbar To Do List for Chrome keeps a small running display of the number of items currently in your list.

Applications for Education
One of the biggest obstacles to to-do list adoption by students is getting in the habit of using one. Often to-do list services require a separate log-in, new window, or new application to be useful and students feel like they “can’t be bothered.” To Do List for Chrome doesn’t have any of those obstacles. To Do List for Chrome is so easy to use that there is really no excuse not to use it.


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