Keen Talks Aims to Provide Food for Thought

This site is no longer online.

There is certainly not a shortage of places to find educational and inspirational videos online. I’ve listed a handful of them here. Keen Talks is another entry into that market.

Keen Talks is an online catalog of videos featuring educational and thought-provoking talks from people across the academic and entertainment spectrums. While Keen Talks is very heavy on science topics, you can find talks on topics in history, economics, entertainment, and technology. You can search Keen Talks by topic, category, or speaker’s name.

Applications for Education
The talks that I previewed on Keen Talks are not the type of video that I would use in a flipped classroom model or would even make my high school students sit through during a class. The videos on Keen Talks are best suited as material that students can explore if they have a strong interest in a topic. You might also use Keen Talks to find a thought-provoking segment in a video then use Tube Chop to clip it and show it to your students.


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