MarQueed – Share and Discuss Images

MarQueed is a new tool for organizing collections of images, sharing those collections, and discussing the images in those collections. The basic idea of MarQueed is to provide tools for highlighting elements of pictures and drawings for others to see. You can upload an image to MarQueed then draw on it or attach a text box to it. For example, if I had an image of a cell I could upload it to MarQueed then label parts of it for my students to see.

You can share MarQueed images or keep your images private. Likewise you can create private and public collections of images. You can add images to your collections by uploading them or by clipping them from webpages by using the MarQueed bookmarklet.

Applications for Education
One way that a teacher might use MarQueed is to upload an image of a cell then label parts of it for students to see. Or upload the image, share it with students then ask them to label it. 


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