Make Fitness Fun with Google Maps

In the past I’ve written about using Google Maps in a physical education and or health education class to have students map walking and biking routes in their communities. Today, on Google Maps Mania I read about another use of Google Maps that could be incorporated into a physical education class.

Real Indoor is an interesting use of Google Maps Street View. The purpose of the site is to provide you with a Street View course that you can view while pedaling on a stationary bike. The view changes as you pedal. To have the view change at about the same pace at which you are pedaling you do have to enter some information about your stationary bicycle and enter your weight. Real Indoor will work for any places that have Street View imagery. For example, you could virtually pedal from San Francisco to Oakland. Or you could virtually pedal from Portland, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts.

Applications for Education
When I read about Real Indoor my mind instantly went to the bike room that the students in my district’s high school use. Rather than turning on the bike room’s TV, project a route on to a wall or screen. Perhaps I’d challenge students to see if they could virtually pedal to Florida for spring break.


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