Learn the Web’s Core With CoreDogs

On Saturday I published a short list of resources for teaching yourself to write HTML. At the end of the post I asked for suggestions for additions to the list. Kieran Mathieson left a comment with the suggestion of CoreDogs.

CoreDogs is a set of online texts and lessons that you can use to learn how the web works, how to build websites, and how to build simple web applications. You can navigate through the lessons in order or skip to parts that are of the most interest to you.

The video below provides and overview of CoreDogs. (Warning: there is one PG-rated line in the video).

Applications for Education
The CoreDogs lessons could be used by students who want to learn coding on their own. CoreDogs also allows you to re-use and redistribute the lessons to use in your classroom instruction (just make sure to credit CoreDogs).


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