Collaboratively Create Animations on This Exquisite Forest

This Exquisite Forest is an online art project developed by Tate Modern and Google. This Exquisite Forest is a site for collaboratively creating animated stories. The stories are called trees and the story starters are called seeds. There are ten public trees that you can make contributions to. You can also create your own seeds and invite others to grow a tree with you. To create your own seeds you do have to contribute to an existing tree first.

Applications for Education
This Exquisite Forest could be a good site for students to use to work together to create animated stories. If you have students who don’t fancy themselves as artists you might have students work in groups in which some students write and outline of the story and others do the drawing of the story.

To use This Exquisite Forest you will need to be using an updated modern browser like Chrome or the latest version of Firefox. 


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