Use Mozilla Thimble to Learn How to Write HTML & CSS

Last month I wrote about Mozilla’s Thimble App which was the first public version of the new Thimble product that Mozilla released today.

Thimble is a free Mozilla product designed to help users learn how to write HTML and CSS. Thimble features a split screen on which you can write code and see how it works at the same time. On the left side of the screen you write your code and on the right side of the screen you instantly see what that code renders.

The latest version of Thimble gives you the option to start from scratch or to modify sample projects. The sample projects include directions for writing code. If you write the code correctly, you will know right away. Likewise, if you don’t write the code correctly, you will know right away. Some of the sample projects you can work with include webpages, games, and avatars.

Applications for Education
Mozilla Thimble could be a fantastic tool for learning to write HTML and CSS. The instant feedback piece is a huge benefit over writing the code then having to open a new window to see what happens. Thimble’s sample projects with directions could be a great resource for students who want to try to learn to write HTML and CSS on their own or who just want to practice beyond what you’ve taught them in your classroom.


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