Symbaloo Launches an iPhone and Android App

The popular visual bookmarking and homepage service Symbaloo now offers a free Android app and a free iPhone/ iPad app. Symbaloo allows you to bookmark your favorite websites and arrange them into tile boards that you can share or keep private. Symbaloo calls the tile boards webmixes. You can create multiple webmixes arranged according to topics of your choosing. Now those webmixes can be created, accessed, and remixed on your favorite tablet or phone.

Here’s an overview of Symbaloo.

Here’s an overview of Symbaloo for Android.

Here’s an overview of Symbaloo for iPhone.

Applications for Education
Symbaloo does offer an education version, but the education version is not free except for individual use which doesn’t make it different than signing up for a regular Symbaloo account. Symbaloo can be good for organizing a set of resources to share with your students or colleagues. You could also have students create their own Symbaloo accounts and create webmixes around topics that they are researching.

H/T to Paula Naugle for sharing this on Twitter over the weekend. 


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