Clipboard – A Nice Tool for Visual Bookmarking

Clipboard is a new entry into the visual bookmarking game. Clipboard reminds me a lot of Pinterest and Learnist. TechCrunch described it as a combination of Pinterest and Evernote although it’s nearly as feature-rich as Evernote yet.

Clipboard’s basic structure is similar to Pinterest in that users create private and public boards to which they can save content from the web by using the Clipboard browser extensions and bookmarklets. Clipboard does have one feature that makes it slightly better than Pinterest. That feature is the option to save Flash-based games and apps on your clipboards and using them as fully-functioning games and apps within your clipboards.

Here’s a short video overview of Clipboard.

Here’s a long demonstration and interview with Clipboard’s founder.

Applications for Education
One aspect of Clipboard that has potential for teachers and students is the ability to create multiple boards of visual bookmarks. Having images and videos attached to bookmarks can be helpful in quickly recalling the part(s) of a website that made you save it in the first place. Another aspect of Clipboard that has potential for teachers is that you can quickly switch your boards from private to public view and back again. If you had a clipboard of resources that you wanted to make public for students to see for just one class meeting, you could do that with Clipboard.


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