PortfolioGen – Create a Teacher Portfolio Page

PortfolioGen is a service that offers a platform on which teachers and pre-service teachers can build simple webpages to highlight their portfolios. Teachers can write “about me” pages, highlight their certifications, upload documents, and link to other examples of their work. PortfolioGen pages have contact forms for potential employers to use to get in touch with teachers. Click here for an example of a PortfolioGen page. One thing that PortfolioGen does offer yet is an option to embed videos.

Applications for Education
If you’re an educator looking for a new job who doesn’t have a digital portfolio yet, PortfolioGen provides an easy way to quickly create one. Even if you’re applying for jobs that don’t require digital portfolios, it is still a good idea to have an easily-accessible page that highlights your work.

Another digital resume service that you might want to try is Visual CV. Visual CV allows you to include videos in your digital resume too.


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