Mapping Data with Spreadsheet Mapper 3

Earlier this week I wrote about using Map a List to place spreadsheet data on a Google Map. Yesterday, the Google Lat Long team released a new Google Spreadsheet script that will allow you to create KML files based on your spreadsheet data. Spreadsheet Mapper 3 allows you to map up to 1,000 placemarks based on your spreadsheet data. And because Spreadsheet Mapper 3 is a part of Google Docs you can share your spreadsheets and maps for collaborative editing. Click here for complete directions on how to use Spreadsheet Mapper 3.

Applications for Education
As I wrote about Map a List, Spreadsheet Mapper 3 could be useful for a classroom genealogy project in which students map the origins of their families. You could also use Spreadsheet Mapper 3 to have students search for an map the locations of things like local history landmarks or geographic features.


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