Blogging and Consulting Lessons for Educators

Earlier this week I announced that I will soon be teaching a new online course with Angela Maiers and Chris Dawson. The course, So You Wanna Be a Leader?, is designed to help teachers learn how they can expand their influence and be leaders through writing, presenting, and consulting. In the course we’ll go beyond basic blogging and speaking advice and share the details of how we’ve built followings and turned simple blogs into small businesses. The basic course outline is available here.

I come at the course with the background of a classroom teacher who was struggling to pay the bills and decided to try putting advertising on my blog. Angela and Chris come to the course with slightly different backgrounds.

We can’t promise that you’ll make oodles of money because you take So You Wanna Be a Leader? But we can promise that you will learn from what we’ve done right and what we’ve done wrong along the way from simple blogs to small businesses. So You Wanna Be a Leader? starts on Thursday, May 10. You can read the course outline here and register for the course here.


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