Ask the Owls – Learn and Teach Online

Ask the Owls is a new service for teaching and learning online. On Ask the Owls anyone can who has a skill or knowledge that they want to share with others in an online classroom can do so. To teach a course just sign up as an “owl,” complete a short course description form, upload your course hand-outs, then schedule your live class meeting. When the time comes to start your class just enter your classroom and click “start call” to start broadcasting with your webcam and microphone. A live chat box is enabled for your students to use while you’re presenting.

Courses can be publicly listed on Ask the Owls. If you want to learn a new skill or learn some new knowledge, just browse through the course listings and sign-up if there is room in a course. Courses are currently limited to ten enrollees at a time. If you do sign-up for a course, but change your mind about taking the course make sure that you un-enroll so that someone else can get in.

Applications for Education
Ask the Owls has a course enrollment limit of ten which makes it appropriate for small online tutoring sessions. Ask the Owls could be a good platform for peer tutoring groups to use.


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